Smart Phone

Product Planning

We provide conceptual designs for the full life cycle of new product development, covering model selection of key components, appearance process design, optimization of features as selling points, and support for system algorithms, among others. We customize competitive products according to the diversified demands of customers while keeping pace with the development trend of cutting-edge products

Technology Innovation and R&D

Equipped with precise connectors, our products are manufactured with lightweight high molecular materials, leading to their light and thin design. They are designed with dust-proof, watertight, leak-proof structure and low-power circuits for different applications

Depending on our independently developed multi-chip software compatibility technology, our products have been designed with the power-based adaptive hardware property and function

A Fully Covered Solution Platform

We aim to build a platform that provides solutions ranging from elementary to flagship levels in diverse styles such as fashionable and commercial ones to meet the diversified demands of customers.

Quality Management

Benefiting from our intelligent detection technology, we have witnessed great improvements in operating efficiency and product yield of lines.The testing laboratory has obtained a national CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate and meets the requirements of ISO/IEC17025 standard. The automatic identification technology serves as a guarantee for the stability and compatibility of our products. Our capability of full-link development/design simulation and simulation precision have reached a high level in the industry