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Spectacular Badminton Contest in Shanghai Marks the 21st Anniversary - Don’t Miss Out!

Arm bending like a bow, wield the racket, smash the ball, and it flies like a rainbow.

At the end of August, the badminton contest in Shanghai, organized by the Badminton Association, was came to a triumphant conclusion.

Let’s recap the highlights of the contest!

Happy Gatherings at the Preliminary Match

Players from different departments and positions met each other for the first time on the court.

The contest builds closer relationship, which is exactly the charisma of sports!

Clean-cut acts, bright and sharp eyes,

every point counts. Every point deserves a good fight.

The excellent players found each other in the semi-final. It’s getting increasingly ill-tempered!

Making a Difference at the Semi-final

As the contest unfolded in full swing,

the singles players were neck and neck,

while the doubles players showed tacit teamwork.

Great moments kept on coming!

Winner of Women’s Singles

Winner of Men’s Singles

Winner of Men’s Doubles