Employee Activities

Join Hands to Innovate Market Models and Create a Bright Future

Through intensive discussions and all-out efforts, the Marketing Innovation Team successfully delivered the process and plan in May. In the sprint to the next milestone, we organized a Marketing Innovation Team building activity to enhance the recognition and understanding of the value of marketing innovation, and improve the cross-departmental collaboration , so as to better achieve the goals of the next stage. Being distributed in the workplaces of the team members, this activity was carried out simultaneously at Shanghai and Shenzhen venues.

Shanghai Venue Frisbee Event Highlights

Since marketing innovation is at the corporate level, the team members don't know each other very well. In order to break the ice, we started with a name relay to familiarize ourselves with each member's name and the module as well as work department they are responsible for. Under the guidance of the coach, the members quickly became involved through forming teams, making slogans, and posing in team positions before starting Frisbee in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere.Frisbee emphasizes teamwork, internal communication, complementing each other, and focusing on goals.

As night fell, the members who were sweating profusely in Frisbee gathered together for a tea party. They shared their experiences of the pressures and rewards they have encountered since joining the Marketing Innovation Team, discussed the interactive feelings and details of the work, and exchanged ideas on hoto advance the next phase of work.

Shenzhen Venue Extreme Challenge Event Highlights

On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, Shenzhen experienced heavy and frequent rainfall, but the enthusiasm of the Shenzhen Marketing Innovation Team has not been affected at all. In the vast Gjump stadium, two teams of “Evergreen Team" and "Outstanding Team” are formed to accomplish 7 games, as well as to enhance mutual understanding and narrow the distance between team members amid the cheers and laughs.

Trampoline Obstacle Relay, Trampoline Shooting, Blindfolded Swordsman, Crazy Pillow Fight, Sponge Pool Swimming Relay... Seemingly simple events are actually quite difficult. The two teams quickly understood the rules, arranged troops, and won the game through effective strategies and tacit teamwork. After overcoming the fear of climbing, they challenged the rock climbing relay and plum blossom pile climbing. By constantly breaking through themselves, they reached higher bravely step by step. In the fierce competition, the "Evergreen Team" won the final victory.

In order to motivate outstanding innovation members and set an example, a total of nine Monthly Innovation Stars and one Monthly Benchmark Team in May were selected based on various criteria such as workload, delivery quality, participation, and collaborative spirit. This selection process involved group submissions and consultations, as well as a review by the management team.

At the award ceremony, the winners delivered the following speeches: since participating in the marketing innovation, we have experienced the confusion of wrong direction and the pain of standstill. However, under the guidance of the innovation management team and consultants, we understand that the process is the refinement of best practices. The purpose of process innovation is to access the motivation for innovation while contributing to better business results. At the same time, our thinking, capabilities and values have been improved and recognized, so that we are determined to make continuous efforts in the following innovation to achieve better outcomes.