Employee Activities

Longcheer joy∞ | Wow~birthday persons were deft hands!

     On the afternoon of August 19, the employees’ birthday party arrived as promised in July and August. The enthusiasm of the participants was no less than the scorching sun of Shanghai.

      In hilarious part of listening to and guessing the songs, it accidentally revealed the age. Super light clay DIY, making a birthday gift for yourself. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the birthday party~

Shanghai Station

       When was the last time you gave yourself a gift? Why not take this opportunity to create a work for yourself to commemorate the New Year~


                                                      Soft clay, it really releases pressure to squeeze it~                  Everyone has unlimited creativity~



                   A little lass with deft hands                                      Everyone’s creative work embodied unique meaning


Group photo

Shenzhen Station


Delicate small ornaments put on the table, you'll feel better when you see them!


Careful making

                                                      Group photo

      Everyone ate and played, and sent wishes to the partners who celebrated a birthday, in the midst of laughter.

      The birthday party came to a successful conclusion. The splendor of life continues and growth never stops.

      In September, we'll see each other again!