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Longcheer 17th anniversary, we fighting together!

Longcheer in July is full of enthusiasm for sports. Longcheer people fighting in the arena, force to pull out the mountain, support group on the field, passion like fire. On July 18, Longcheer tug-of-war competition officially kicked off, this time a total of 8 teams to participate in the dragon flag people's sports style. After the preliminary round, the four teams emerged from the tight circle.

With the referee's whistle, the game begins! The field was instantly drowned in deafening shouts. In the process of the game, the players like a wild horse off the rope, a pull back, each face is red, Shouting "one, two, one", the crowd was also infected by the scene of the fierce atmosphere, cheer for partners on the field, the scene atmosphere reached the highest point.

Team A and team G finally advanced to the finals in A strong state and entered the race for the championship;

At this time, D team, F team is also in a fierce competition for the third place throne;

The race for the first and second place is more thrilling, ups and downs. At the moment when they crossed the line, the air seemed to be ignited by gunpowder, and the G team finally made it through to win the championship.

Tug-of-war competition, fighting for the strength, but the connection is the friendship!

In this tug of war competition, we not only harvest the results of the competition, but also harvest happiness, harvest friendship! A wood does not burn, people add wood flame high, unity is strength!

Congratulations to the winning team, the prize is also extremely rich!

Champion award 3000 yuan check grand prize!

Runner-up award 2000 yuan check grand prize!

Second runner-up award 2000 yuan check grand prize!

First place


Second place


Third place

Under the active cooperation of all the participants, longcheer 17th anniversary tug-of-war competition ended perfectly.Happy 17th anniversary! Wish Longcheer people forever as the sun youth unlimited!In the future road, rely on the strength, grasp the opportunity, never give up, work together, bloom brilliance, create brilliant!