Career Development

Forging ahead together with Longcheer

We advocate “pursuit of dedication” as one of our core values, and incorporate it into talent evaluation, development and incentives. Based on job qualifications, performance appraisal and remuneration systems, we have so far formed a full-process personnel management system covering recruitment, training, promotion, assessment, and retention. Employees are arranged with specific posts, ranks, remunerations and promotion paths under this system. Furthermore, we have a professional administrative team to make personnel decisions so as to improve fairness and impartiality on personnel decision-making and avoid authoritarian leadership.

We will spend more resources and efforts on the capability building of employees. By specialized training, Longcheer College and nine colleges with specialties provides talented people for the company, helping employees who are recruited from schools, new hires, and managements at all levels to quickly blend into the company and become competent in their positions. We are developing a more accurate and systematic learning platform, which will be a knowledge base covering all positions, in order to create a digital learning organization for the shared growth of employees.

We will continue promoting the personnel mobility program in order to mobilize personnel according to the market demands. Employees who have been on a post for more than three years can apply for job rotation to enhance and diversify their capabilities.