Li Hongjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee met with Du Junhong, Chairman of Shanghai Longcheer Technology Co.

News Source: Nanchang Release

Li Hongjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Secretary of the CPC Nanchang Municipal Committee, met with Du Junhong, Chairman of Shanghai Longcheer Technology Co., Ltd. and his accompanying delegation in Nanchang on February 4, 2024. Mayor Wan Guangming and Vice Mayor Zhao Jie were also in attendance.

Li Hongjun extended a warm welcome to Du Junhong and his team, expressing heartfelt gratitude to Longcheer Technology for its unwavering support towards Nanchang’s development over the years. He conveyed his best wishes for Longcheer’s prosperity throughout the year. Acknowledging the key role of Longcheer in the electronic information industry,Li Hongjun emphasized Longcheer’s bright prospects and recent momentum in development, fueled by its strong customer base and robust innovation capabilities. This positioned Longcheer for the growing demand for its products, heightened industry influence, and enhanced competitiveness.

Presently, the Nanchang government has taken the lead as the provincial capital city in the initiative to establish “one hub and four centers”—comprising a comprehensive transportation hub with national significance, a regional sci-tech center, a financial hub, and development centers for advanced manufacturing and high-quality service industries. This endeavor seeks to synergize technological innovation with the construction of a modernized industrial ecosystem, propel the high-quality development of the electronic information industry, and vigorously cultivate new productive forces.

In response to the evolving landscape in Nanchang, Longcheer Technology is hopefully poised to bolster its local investments and drive scientific and technological innovation. This strategic move is expected to provide substantial impetus to the advancement of Nanchang’s electronic information industry in terms of scale and strength, and support the government in the comprehensive implementation of Nanchang’s “8810” action plan (2023-2026) for the modernization of local manufacturing. The plan focuses on 8 key industrial chains and 8 symbolic industrial clusters, aiming for a 10% annual profit increase for large industrial enterprises。Through these collaborative efforts, the company will align its goals with the community it serves, fostering mutual success. The Nanchang government will persevere in creating a world-class business environment that is market-oriented, rule-based, and globally integrated. It will collaborate closely with Longcheer in nurturing local talent, co-hosting university job fairs, and implementing more effective personnel training policies tailored to the enterprise’s needs. These initiatives will help build a stronger talent pool and provide a more favorable environment for Longcheer to thrive in Nanchang.

Du Junhong extended hearty appreciation to the Nanchang government for its unwavering support of Longcheer. He also pledged that Longcheer would leverage its resource, technological, and human capital strengths to actively align with the government’s development strategies for key industrial chains, broaden industrial cooperation across various domains, and make a substantial contribution to Nanchang’s economic and social progress.